Stone Creek Golf Course Details

Designed by Cal Olson, Stone Creek Golf Club is an 18-hole championship course stretching 7,428 yards from the back tees for a par of 72. Stone Creek opened in January 2009 north of the Metroplex in Sherman Texas.

Hole by Hole Description

Front Nine

Back Nine

Hole #1

Par 5  The tee shot plays up hill and then downhill to the green on this slight dogleg right Par 5.  If you can reach the top of the hill with you tee shot, then you have a chance to knock it on in two.  Favor the left side of this fairway as it slopes left to right.  Favor the left side of this fairway as it slopes left to right.  If you are laying up, then hit it toward the fairway bunker so ll have a level lie for your third.  This green is very wide and shallow.

Hole #2

Par 4 This medium length Par 4 plays uphill all the way. Place your tee shot between the left fairway bunker and the large tree on the right side of this left to right sloping fairway. The safe play is to hit toward the center of the green, which will leave you a good birdie putt.

Hole #3

Par 3 This green is very long and narrow. Grass bunkers on the right protect this green. Check the pin placement before deciding you club selection; it can make a two-club difference.

Hole #4

Par 4 Uphill all the way. The tee shot tends to bounce right on this fairway. Big hitters need to avoid the right fairway bunker. Your second shot will have to be precise as this green is wide and shallow

Hole #5

Par 4 Don’t let the short yardage fool you, there is plenty of trouble on this short dogleg right Par 4. The trees on the right hide this green, Long hitters are tempted to bust driver at the green, but bunkers and trees right make this a risky play. The smart play is to hit it toward the cedar tree and set yourself up for a short second to the small undulation green that protects the hole.

Hole #6

Par 3 There is good and bad news. The good news is the green is plenty big and fairly flat. The bad news is it will take a very solid long iron to carry Inner Urban Creek that bisects this hole. This is no time to go pin seeking, just hit it toward the center of the green

Hole #7

Par 4 This long uphill dogleg left Par 4 will test your all around game. The biggest hitters may be able to cut the dogleg and be left with a fairly short second. The rest of us will be left with a long iron to this 50-yard long & narrow uphill green. Add at least one club on your second shot. Anything short and right of this green will be severely penalized by large bunker, a par here is well earned.

Hole #8

Par 5 This hole plays downhill. This is a tough tee shot as this fairway slopes right to left. Big hitters can carry the bunkers on the right and get some extra roll. Position your second shot between a rock wall on the right and Post Oak Creek on your left. This is a big green and is slopped from right to left.

Hole #9

Par 4 This could be you toughest test yet! If you can hit the fairway on this downhill Par 4, you can hit any fairway. Post Oak Creek looms ominously to your left and bisects this right to left sloping fairway around 100 yards from this challenging green. Your second shot demands precision into this rolling green.

Hole #10

Par 4 This medium length par 4 has water the whole way down the right side.

Split the fairway with your tee shot between the left fairway bunker and pond on the right. This green is very large & breaks.

Hole #11

Par 5 This could be one of the toughest tee shots you will have anywhere! Thread the needle through the chute of trees with your tee shot, carry Post Oak Creek and you could be ready to give this one a go in two! Otherwise, hit your lay up shot out to the left so that you leave yourself a better view of this 50-yard long and narrow green.

Hole #12

Par 4 Risk/ Reward. Bite off as much of the left fairway bunker as you choose on this hard dogleg left Par 4. The safe play is to avoid the bunker and play it out to the right. That will leave you a longer second in to this reasonable flat green.

Hole #13

Par 3 It’s a tight long Par 3 with plenty of trouble. The winds tend to swirl in the trees making club selection very difficult. Hit it to the center of this green, make your par, and then appreciate its natural beauty.

Hole #14

Par 5 This hole has trouble abound. The farther you hit it on the double dogleg (right then left) the narrower it gets. l be faced with a very difficult second shot through a narrow chute of trees to an open landing area. The third shot plays slightly uphill and over (80 yards from the green) to a large green that slopes from back to front.

Hole #15

Par 4 – This narrow medium length dogleg left Par 4 will place a premium on accuracy. The fairway slopes slightly right to left and the elevated green is tucked in a natural setting with mature woods all around. Creek (100 yards from the green) crosses the front of this green and travels the length of the hole on the left side.

Hole #16

Par 4 This short uphill dogleg left Par 4 can lull you into a false sense of security. Big hitters can take it over the left fairway bunker leaving a very short second. This wide narrow green sits atop of the hill and the surface is blind to the player. Add at least 1 club and trust you yardage

Hole #17

Par 3 This Par 3 plays slightly downhill and is protected by 3 waterfalls. This is a rare hole here at Stone Creek in that it has no protection from the trees. The wind will be a big factor in selecting a club for this wide and shallow three-tiered green.

Hole #18

Par 4 Its downhill all the way from the highest point on the golf course. The gentle dogleg right Par 4 requires a solid tee shot to the left of the cedar trees that guard the right side of this wide fairway. You should be left with a level lie for your second to this big undulating green protected by a huge Bur Oak tree on the left and Post Oak Creek on the right.

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